The Blessing of Hard Work - Part 1

Sermon Application Questions

1. Write down a Bible verse that you can memorize to keep you motivated to work hard at your goals.

2. Without getting too specific, list three areas of your life where you would generally like to see improvement.

3. We can not enjoy true success in life with out putting in some genuine hard work. Record a quote about the value of hard work on the lines below. In could be from this morning's sermon, or one of your favorite quotes on hard work. If you can't think of one now, now's your change to coin your own motivational thought!

4. Now its time to get to work on your problems and projects. In the spaces below list three SPECIFIC tasks you would like to take on in the next few months.

5. It is important that the goals that we set are very specific. What exactly are you trying accomplish? What would you like to see when your task is complete? When we are able to express our ideas in words it helps us clarify what we are expecting. List three clear goals below.

6. Goals do not complete themselves. You need a game plan. What steps will you take to accomplish out goals. Take a few minutes to brainstorm some ideas. It might help to break down your goals according to a timetable, to work your plan backwards, or to think in narrative.

7. What is your Gauge? How will you measure your success? What are some qualitative or quantitative measurements you can take to ensure you are headed in the right direction? How often will you measurer so you know when to make changes?

8. Scripture is your guide. What are some Bible verses that can help give you wisdom and direction as you complete your tasks? What eases deal specifically with your goals? How will you make sure you are consistently in the Word while completing your goals?