We Celebrate Together...

But it's not the same without you!


Our Commitment to Christ...

It is our passion to glorify God and exalt Christ as our Savior. It is our privilege and our responsibility as a church to explore the Word of God together, pray together, encourage and fellowship with one another, and exalt the Lord together through music and song.                            It is our pleasure to do this every Sunday as a family of believers.

Our Commitment to Caring...

We would love to have you come and spend a Sunday morning with us. We believe that you will enjoy one of the most welcoming and encouraging environments you have ever experienced. We would be honored if you would be our guest and worship with us.

Our Commitment to Community...

At Olde Liberty, we put a high value on creativity and fun. We believe it is important to use the talents and gifts God has given us to be a blessing to one another and to bring glory to Him. We love finding new ways to share joy and laughter along with learning how to apply the Bible to our lives in practical ways. Come learn and laugh with us.


About Us


Our Vision

  • To be a Missions Minded, Christ Exalting, Multi-Generational Family of Believers

Our Mission

  • To reach into all the world with the Gospel of Christ, seeking the Biblical conversion of the unsaved

  • To faithfully preach the full counsel of the Bible to each individual

  • To execute a comprehensive system of discipleship for each believer

  • To equip the family, and especially fathers, with the tools of evangelism and discipleship

  • To encourage families to worship together with an emphasis on promoting multigenerational faithfulness

  • To promote the home as the center of evangelism and discipleship of our own children

  • To sanctify the church as a place of encouragement, exhortation and refuge from the world

  • To place the church as the central instrument of our instruction, worship, service, and giving

We believe that, in Christ, strong individuals make strong families, strong families make strong churches, and strong churches can change the world.

Our Values

  • The sufficiency of scripture as our sole authority for faith and practice

  • The preservation of God's Word, particularly in the King James Version of the Bible

  • The necessity of Biblical conversion

  • The exaltation of Christ in worship

  • The urgency of the Great Commission

  • The commitment to Biblical manhood and womanhood

  • The importance of Scriptural marriage

  • The blessing of children

  • The leadership of fathers

  • The nobility of motherhood